about me

Let me introduce myself: my name is Marcel den Rooijen, owner of DENROOIJEN Photography and living in the south of the Netherlands. From a young age I have been fascinated by photography and as a result I am familiar with many forms of photography. My skills gained momentum after completing a three-year photography education in 2016 and my four-year photography master’s degree, which I completed in 2021. In the past I have worked a lot with fashion models and musicians but gradually I focussed on photographing ballet dancers.


Ballet dancing requires high determination and dedication from the dancer. I have worked with many ballet dancers and I recognize their passion for art and attention to detail in myself. A photo shoot with me is a team performance in which we reinforce each other. We choose poses that best suit the dancer and the environment, to make sure the photo best showcases their talent and years of training. After the shoot, together we select photos for post-processing so that we can proudly publish them later.


“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

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